As energy bills continue to rise, we are all seeking out new and more energy efficient ways to heat our homes and keep them warm. The Love Your Home Show brings together knowledgeable suppliers who can advise on how to go about it for your own unique home.


Speak with Phoenix Natural Gas for tips on how you can save money and make your home more energy efficient. Find out about the partners Phoenix are working with to introduce renewable gas solutions such as hydrogen and biomethane into the existing gas network, in turn supporting the government’s carbon zero targets and ensuring our homes are ready for the future.

Speak to One Step Insulation about creating e a more comfortable, energy efficient home, eliminating drafts, eradicating both cold and heat penetration and helping make all rooms an even temperature. Your home will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, increasing the efficiency of your home and drastically reducing your overall energy bills.

Energy Saving

Heat Pumps

Solar Panels

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